Unlock conversational commerce

Engage Shoppers On Every Channel

Using the latest advances in AI, Cerebel enables engaging conversational and voice-first shopping experiences on desktop, app, smart device or chat bot.
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Conversational Search

Understand shoppers naturally

Cerebel understands your customers like an experienced salesperson would. Drive revenue by matching products with shopper preferences instantly.
Easy Integration

Search built for developers

Plugins for ElasticSearch and white-label Amazon and Google skills let you tap into conversational commerce in hours not months.
Semantic Searching

Match on intent, not keywords

Cerebel uses natural language understanding and image recognition to identify shopper's intent and match it to your inventory.
Hosted Solution

Instant Responses

Our API runs on Google Cloud to deliver instant results wherever your shoppers are.
Data Enrichment

Built for fashion

Cerebel enriches your product data using machine learning and knowledge graphs, making it highly structured and conversation-ready.